Tight headband around a Persian cat's head while being groomed is disturbing to me


The picture of this poor Persian cat caught my eye. As it would. But I just don't get it. What I mean is why do we have to put this cat through this? I guess the headband is there to prevent the cat biting the groomer as they might because it's going to be quite a tough session to get through for the cat.

The whole thing, to me, seems mindless. We create a cat with fur that they can't maintain themselves because it is too long but because it looks nice. So, we have to groom the cat commercially. And in order to do that we have to put this horrible headband around the cat's face to stop them reacting aggressively in self-defence because they feel that they are being attacked.

It would not surprise me if this cat was also declawed. The cat becomes an object. A decorative object. An accessory to the home. Something pleasant to look at. A blob of fur a bit like a cushion or some other ornament around the home. But this is a sentient being. I don't like it as you can tell. I think that this is wrong.

And of course, I won't go into this but this is the flat-based Persian cat with breathing problems and tear duct overflow and a high prevalence of polycystic kidney disease et cetera et cetera. There is a lot wrong with this video.


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