Give thanks to the Cat Man of Aleppo who is rescuing cats from earthquake-hit Syria

The Cat Man of Aleppo, also known as Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel, has been working tirelessly to help cats and other animals affected by the earthquakes in Syria. After the earthquakes, he immediately began rescuing injured and trapped cats from the rubble and providing them with food, water, and medical care.

Alaa has set up a sanctuary for the rescued cats, called Il Gattaro d'Aleppo (The Cat Man of Aleppo Sanctuary). The sanctuary provides a safe space for cats to recover and receive ongoing care, including veterinary treatment and food.

To help fund the sanctuary, Alaa relies on donations from individuals and organizations around the world. He also runs a social media campaign to raise awareness about the plight of cats in Syria and the need for ongoing support.

Despite the challenges he faces in a war-torn country, Alaa remains committed to his mission of caring for cats and other animals. He believes that by helping animals, he can bring a sense of hope and healing to the people of Aleppo and beyond.


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