'Weird' should be banned when describing cat behavior

Personally, I am sick and tired of seeing domestic cat behaviour described as 'weird' in YouTube videos. It really is time that people grew up on the subject of domestic cat behaviour.

Humans are describing cat behaviour which they do not understand as "weird".  The word describes something which is unnatural when this is natural cat behavior under the circumstances in which they find themselves. Stop using the word please.

This is a human issue. In fact, you could go so far as to say that the weird behaviour is being demonstrated by people in failing to understand domestic cat behaviour which they have an obligation to understand if they are to be good cat caregivers.

It is not the place of humans to denigrate cats about their behavior because humans have failed to understand it. 

Below is one of those irritating 'weird cat behavior' videos of which humans are so fond.

The problem is that YouTube video makers like to develop click bait to encourage people to click on their videos. There is also a blind 'follow my leader' approach to YouTube videos. 

One video maker about ten years ago described feline behaviour as 'weird' other people jumped on the bandwagon and copied it.

But it is entirely unhelpful to describe cat behaviour as "weird". It can encourage bad cat caregiving and even cat abuse.

All domestic cat behaviour is logical and responsive to the environment in which they live. It is instinctive behaviour driven by the environment in which humans have placed them. From the cat's perspective it is certainly not weird but natural and normal.

I have harped on about this for a long time. For me, it is time that humankind demonstrated a little bit more enlightenment with regard to cat behaviour.

Humans have domesticated the cat for 10,000 years. We are meant to be a sophisticated and civilised society but clearly, we haven't mastered the concept of cat domestication.

We still fail in so many aspects of it which is the major reason why there are a similar number of feral cats as there are domestic cats in the world (250m feral cats and 250m domestic cats). Feral cats are all homeless when they should have a home. It is an abject failure of cat domestication. 

We must do better and we can start by ceasing to use the word "weird" in connection with cat behaviour that we don't understand.


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