Video of rescued cats being reunited with their owners after the Turkish earthquakes

It is always great to see real a commitment to rescuing cats after a disaster and then reuniting them with their owners which is always a highly charged an emotional moment. The cats in this video seem incredibly calm. I am impressed both with the cats and with the rescuers.

Update: the video below can only be seen on YouTube sadly but I have added one from Twitter above.

At the point of reunion, of course the owners want to take their cats out of the cat carrier and hug them. Entirely understandable. But when I see this, I am concerned about the cats running off. 

They are, after all, in a strange environment. They have just been through a terrifying experience. There are strangers everywhere. There is noise and commotion.

Isn't there a good chance that these cats would run off and never be seen again? I think if I was the cat owner, I would take the carrier with their cat inside to their home or to a secure place if there is one and open the carrier there. Or perhaps I am being paranoid and overly cautious. I am not sure.

Perhaps that is the problem. The owner has lost their flat or house because it's been shelled by the murdering Russians. And therefore, they have no home to go to. In which case you fear for both cat and owner in the near and long-term future.

When they grab their cat from the carrier and hug them, where are they going to go to be secure? If the woman's apartment is destroyed, she will have to go to a place which will be a strange environment for the cat.

We know that domestic cats love their habits, their rhythms and that they are attached to their home range which is the interior of their caregiver's home. Transport them to a different and unusual place and they will be disturbed normally.

Perhaps after a year of disturbances, tragedies and thousands of deaths with a constant background of the noise of sirens, shelling and rockets exploding, they've got used to it all. Perhaps the cats are acclimatising to their new world, which would be very disturbing normally.

What is not disturbing is these great reunions. There have been many more. The video just touches on this back story. As I said, it's great to see animals being rescued although it is reported that hundreds of thousands have died or been displaced or are wandering around the ruins of their former home.

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Recently, I wrote about an 11-year-old girl who feeds feral cats near the rubble of her former apartment. One of those cats is her former domestic cat. They became feral and didn't want to live with her anymore. She accepts it. She is a great girl but it makes hard watching.


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