Shortest kitty cat video shows an unacceptable breeder creation

Although the dwarf cat in the video is impossibly cute, it has been bred to extreme with extremely short legs and arguably, there are many people who would say that this is unfair, unkind and indeed inhumane. The domestic cat has a perfect anatomy for predation. This is destroying that perfect anatomy for commercial gain. 

Many people believe that dwarf cats in general are unacceptable. Many believe that they should be banned. In Germany they are banned because they are considered to be the product of torture breeding.

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The problem is this: dwarf cats have difficulty in behaving normally. They have difficulty in expressing their normal behaviours. It is through the expression of normal behaviours that domestic cats can be content.

Under the UK's Animal Welfare Act 2006, it is arguable that the creator of this cat is in violation of that act.

It isn't just the expression of natural behaviours which is a problem with this individual cat with super-short legs, it is the fact that there are two inherited diseases linked to dwarf cats which are an extension of the genetic mutation which causes dwarfism namely pectus excavatum and lordosis. In the former the breastbone is sunk into the chest. Lordosis is the inward curve of the lumbar spine.

It is obviously unacceptable to breed cats with inherited diseases. They can shorten lives. The non-purebred famous celebrity cat, Grumpy Cat was a dwarf cat. She died at the age of seven.

I am not saying that the cat in the video will die at the age of seven. I am making the point that when you breed domestic cats with inherited diseases you subject them to the possibility that they might have shorter life spans than normal. And there is an ethical question over that.

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