Mini-hyena rescued and released

Yep, I realise that this is not about kittens or cats but I have never really seen an animal like this one before. The coat pattern is strong and the spine of hairs on the back are interesting.  This is a youngster. When they become adult, they lose the long spine hairs.

Aardwolf rescued
Aardwolf rescued. Screenshot.

I am sure that most people haven't seen this interesting little creature before. Very strong and interesting coat markings. There is a resemblance to the hyena but this is a much smaller and non-dangerous (to humans) creature. They live of termites and worms etc. An insect eater of sorts. 

The species name is 'aardwolf' which means 'earth-wolf' in Afrikaans.

They live in East and Southern Africa. 

The caption to the video states:

This aardwolf cub named Maple looks like a "mini-hyena." When she was found on a farm in Johannesburg with no mom in sight, a wildlife vet name Lauren helped raise her. When she was finally ready to go on her own, she looked back to thank her rescuer before she ran back to the wild.


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