The world is 10 seconds closer to Armageddon thanks to the threat of nuclear war

Doomsday Clock moves to 90 seconds to midnight as nuclear threat rises.

The declared intention of the owner of this site, Valley Girl, is to comment on videos so here we have a video which is not directly about cats but indirectly it is. It's about all of us. Some viewers of the video are cynical about it implying that it does nothing to help. But for me, it is not meant to be symbolic of a danger but a dire warning. It is meant to galvanise and gyrate humankind into changing their ways as soon as possible.

Apparently, it was set to seven minutes to midnight 1947. There's been a gradual deterioration since that time. It seems to be completely progressive. If it keeps on progressing like this and deteriorating, it's going to be midnight. Midnight means the end of the world as I understand it.

So, humanity is now closer to Armageddon than ever before. And that is as judged by a team of top scientists. You can see by the video that global conflict has helped to push the world towards the ultimate calamity.

In 2020 the clock was said at 100 seconds to midnight. Yesterday the hands were moved forwards based upon the dangers as viewed by the scientists of the war in Ukraine, climate change and Covid.

The scientists urge world leaders to explore all of the possible channels to improve the situation with the aim of turning the clock back.

A major influence apparently is Russia's threats to use nuclear weapons. Putin has done this consistently as has his acolytes. It's horrible and ridiculous. If Russia uses nuclear weapons, then Russia will be annihilated. That is the purpose of having nuclear weapons. It is not to use them but to prevent war (it does not work!). However, their very presence may drive somebody like Putin who appears to be losing his mind to pushing the red button.

My theory is that if something destructive is in your home for long enough eventually you will use it. Or there will be a pull to use it, to try it. It's human nature. But perhaps I'm being very negative.

There is a distinct possibility that the conflict in Ukraine could spin out of anyone's control. The risk remains high.


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