Deaf and partially blind rescue dog escaped euthanasia and is now truly loved and thrives

This video should touch you if you have feelings to be touched (you do otherwise you wouldn't be here 💓). It speaks of the divergent attitudes of people towards animals. On the one hand we have the man who found Kona and her companion and wanted them to be euthanised and took them to a vet for that purpose. The vet refused and took them to a rescue center from where Kona was adopted by this great woman, Nina, who adores her and her love is reciprocated in spades. It is just the way the world should work but often doesn't.

Sorry that this is about dogs and not kittens but I couldn't resist. It is too sweet. There's not much difference in any case. It is about humankind's relationship with animals and how we care for the most vulnerable sentient beings in society, including other humans.

I am sure that the deafness comes from the presence of the dominant white gene in Kona. And the partial blindness will have a similar cause. It is a congenital condition. She almost looks as if she has partial albinism judging by her pink eyes and light blue iris pigmentation in her right eye. 


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