Baffling behaviour of child's mother as family cat sleeps on daughter

Would you remove your cat while they sleep on your daughter who's on the living room sofa? Why not leave them alone. So much better.

Would you take your cat off your sleeping daughter?
Would you take your cat off your sleeping daughter. Image: screenshot.

I feel that I need to comment on this video. It shows a large family domestic cat sleeping on the video maker's daughter. This is the kind of thing you see all the time. 

Kitten sleeps on bunny
Kitten sleeps on bunny. In public domain.

Although you normally see a domestic cat sleeping on another animal such as a large dog (or a bunny!) for instance. But it is no surprise to see the family cat treating the daughter as "another animal". It looks like a very peaceful scene. It is a situation which needs to be preserved and it shouldn't be interfered with.

However, the mother of the child wants to interfere and intervene. She thinks that the cat is going to wake up the daughter and therefore she wants to remove cat.

But there's no sign that the daughter is going to wake up. The cat and daughter are in a settled position. The cat is doing nothing untoward and nothing to wake up the daughter. In fact, you could argue that the presence of the cat helps the daughter to continue to sleep.

The cat produces warmth and companionship. The kind of things which help to promote sound sleep.

Therefore, the mother's actions are misplaced. It comes out of a concern for her daughter but this is certainly a situation which should be entirely left alone. It is very charming.

It also shows that there is a close bond between daughter and family cat. This is to be admired.

The conclusion is to leave well alone and enjoy. It should be noted that the mother made the video. She had the presence of mind to make the video of the family cat, her daughter and herself intervening. It's rather strange because anybody would agree with me that what the mother is trying to do is wrong.

Why record that in a video? What are your thoughts?


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