Baby monkey refuses to give up her kitten. Good or bad?

There is a very successful video on YouTube which you can see below if you want to. It shows a young monkey, Susie, who refuses to give up her kitten to her owner. And I presume the owner is the one making the video. My guess is that it was made in Asia somewhere.

The comments indicate that viewers are enamoured of the cuteness of the whole thing. I do not see it that way. The whole thing is artificially created. The owner has integrated a young monkey with some kittens knowing that the monkey would like to play with the kittens and possess them.

She knew that this would produce a good video in terms of hits, and it has because it has acquired 43 million hits, but I think we need to look behind the so-called cuteness that people love to see and ask some questions.

And I know that I'm being serious and actually people hate it when people are serious about things. People prefer to live superficially and look at the veneer of objects and videos like this and not dig around a bit and ask difficult questions.

But here's the first question. Where does the monkey come from? We don't know. But this is a young monkey. Perhaps the monkey should be with their mother. Perhaps the monkey was taken from the wild in Asia from their mother. A lot of the time wild animals, particularly young wild animals, are taken from their parents in the wild to be given to rich people as pets. Sometimes they are shipped to the Middle East such as young cheetahs.

There is an obsession with owning exotic animals which is helping to decimate their population numbers in the wild. These are the realities behind this sort of video. But the video maker has no concerns about those conservation issues.

And when you watch the video, you see a monkey that is anxious and wants to possess a kitten. The monkey is rough with the kitten and kittens. Susie does not know how to handle kittens. That should be a concern to the video maker. I was fearful that the monkey might be harming the kittens.

And also, it seems that when you have a pet monkey you have to put a diaper on them to stop them shitting all over the place. Perhaps when they grow up, they learn how to go to the toilet. But this looks unnatural and looks wrong.

There is another point worth making. Why is this young monkey so keen to hang onto "her" kitten. Does this signal a mental health problem? I think it well might. I would be concerned for the mental health of this monkey but, of course, nobody is asking those sorts of questions never mind answering them.

The whole thing is entirely artificial and set up to make a high-hitting video at the expense of the animals in the video. That is the way I see it. But above all I don't like to see pet monkeys because I ask where they have come from and have, they been stolen and removed from their mothers in the wild? That issue needs to be addressed because it is a major conservation issue which adds to the obnoxious wildlife trade which is worth billions annually.

And finally, nobody should be informally breeding cats to create more domestic cats in the world when there is ostensibly a surplus of domestic cats. I would argue that it is irresponsible for any person to informally breed cats. There is an argument that even formal cat breeders registered with cat associations are also objectionable in a modern world where there are too many unwanted cats. But informal cat breeding is unnecessary because there are any number of adoptable rescue cats that need homes. Why introduce new cats into the world and compounders unwanted cat problem?

But, I guess, that this woman allowed her female cat to produce kittens in order to make this video. As I said, it is artificially created and, in my view, unpleasant so in answer to the question in the title, this is bad. But that is distinctly going against the grain because nobody thinks like that.


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