After Hurricane Ian, this man has his 3 cats and what's in his suitcase

Everything that this man owned has gone after Hurricane Ian roared through South Florida. He managed to save his three cats. He was sitting in a back room with his three cats and a tornado lifted the roof from his home. He has nothing left except perhaps what is most precious to him, his cats. 

I am very pleased that he managed to save his cats. It looks like he prioritised them. Not infrequently when cat owners need to take rapid steps to save themselves, they are forced to de-prioritise their cat companions. It is understandable but I don't like to read about it. Here is the video.

The devastation wrought by Hurricane Ian has been reported on the world's news media. The world knows about it in quite good detail. The devastation is shocking. It is going to take a long time to rebuild this area of America. The reports are that it is one of the worst hurricanes to hit Florida ever. People who've lived there all their lives have never seen anything like it.


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