Smile: Squirrel hides nuts in a Bernese Mountain dog's fur

This is a well-known video, but it is the first time I have heard of it. The squirrel is tame, and his name is Wally. Not a smart move to mix up dog fur with grass! But there you go. Oh, by the way, this page is not about kittens or cats, but I couldn't resist. It is about dogs though: how this Bernese Mountain dog Jax accepts all the squirrel activity. He probably likes it actually. 

The nut falls out of the fur (surprised? 😉👍). Wally tries to bury it in the carpet. He is a confused squirrel. The domestication has completely confused him. I have seen lots of squirrels being friends with cats and dogs. They tend to get on pretty well when socialised to each other. Other than that, domestic cats chase squirrels and normally fail to catch them but not always. I have seen a half-eaten squirrel and a proud domestic cat standing over the carcass.

I know a bit about squirrels as I feed them. They nearly always bury the monkey nuts that I give them. However, I have never seen them dig up the monkey nuts and eat them when hungry! My garden must have thousands of monkey nuts in it just below the surface.

This video made the mainstream news media this morning and was mentioned on LBC radio at 4 am. It has attracted a lot of publicity and 12 million hits.


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