Ginger tabby kitten taps caregiver on arm for more of the same - attention

Firstly, this is a little ginger tabby domestic kitten, and they have nice polite characters as we can see in this video. Cats do sometimes have the habit of gently touching their human caregiver to catch their attention. They have a variety of ways of achieving this, the most common of which is the meow which in human terms is a demand or request. In this instance we can probably guess and say that this kitten is catching his human's attention because he wants another kiss, more of the same, please. Or perhaps more accurately more loving interactions. 


I guess he just wants the attention. I don't think - I know - that he actually understands the human kiss!! Cats don't understand that sort of thing, but they do understand the warmth of a relationship. They do understand the friendship in a relationship because it is reassuring.

My belief is that domestic cats do like to be reassured because they are placed within the exclusively human environment. Everything around them is human particularly if they are full-time indoor cats. Even if they are indoor/outdoor cats they go out into a world, often the urban world, which is 95% human in terms of its creation.

And, bearing in mind that the domestic cat is a wild cat at heart, they have to adapt to the human world, and it can be a little bit tricky sometimes. 

That is why I think it is always important for a human caregiver to take a little bit of time at any convenient moment in the day to reassure their cat companion, to make them feel more relaxed and more comfortable. Little things count. The add up and there is a reward for the caregiver; a more loving cat companion.


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