Are these cats being spoiled in their mini outside enclosure and tunnel?

The cat's owner thinks they are spoiling their cats. I don't think so at all. I depends on standards but if you want to do something for your cats to make their lives a little more natural (hardly spoiling them) this is not a bad compromise.

The cats' caregiver has provided a nice secure way for their cats to enjoy some outdoor time. This method of safe outdoor living albeit very restricted is popular with some owners and I can see the reason why. It is a quite a good compromise. All methods of allowing domestic cats outside in a restricted and safe way are compromises. 

Outdoor cat enclosure and  long tunnel
Outdoor cat enclosure and long tunnel. Image: Bored Panda.

It is peace of mind though. Peace of mind for the owner I should stress. This sort of arrangement is all about the owner wanting to enrich their cat's lives while eliminating the risk of injury or death from road traffic. Basically, that is what it is about.

I love the long tunnel from the house to the mini-enclosure. Of course, you have to cut out a hole in the wall! Or perhaps the better method is to change the pane of glass in a ground floor window with a round cutout to accommodate the other end of the tunnel. That would be less destructive.

I not sure how the tunnel would be fixed to the glass but it wouldn't be that difficult and the manufacturer may provide a fixing.

I am sure the cats love it. It is not much but the smells will be new and exciting. Indoor home smells are pretty well exclusively human-made smells and sounds. They are unnatural to the domestic cat.

You are more certain to stir a cat's emotional juices by allowing them to go outside in a mini-enclosure. It will be like cat television for them.

The added benefit is conservation. A lot of people are pressuring governments to legislate against outdoor cats to protect wildlife. It won't happen but conservationists are getting peeved about domestic cat predation. Of course, humans kill far more wild animals in the wild than cats in a range of ways such as creating global warming by burning fossils fuels. I am afraid that humankind is finding it very had to stop creating carbon dioxide. 

Humans knew about global warming 100 years ago!

Anyway, this device fixes the problem of cat predation as well as keep the cat safe. Perhaps a better alternative but far more expensive would have been a cabio. There is plenty of room for it at this property. In fact it looks ideal for a catio to be attached to the rear of the house. They could have doubled up: built a catio and have the mini-enclosure you see in the picture extending from the catio. 

And then you could enlarge the mini-enclosure section at the end of the tunnel to about five times the current size. Then we are talking about building a home that is for humans and cats.


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