Woman lost her sister's cat in the kitchen

Cat demonstrates her ability to squeeze into small spaces. This is not the cat in question but it is illustrative of the cat's abilities to hide inside the home.

This is a story on mumsnet.com, which highlights the expertise with which cats can hide inside the home. A woman, who lives in a flat, agreed to look after her sister's cat. Her sister dropped off her cat while she was at work and placed the cat in the kitchen and closed the kitchen door. The woman returned home from work and told her children not to open the kitchen door. She left the front door open while she unloaded the car. She entered the kitchen to check out her sister's cat and bingo: no cat. She said:
"Come to the kitchen, door fully closed and cannot find her anywhere? I have searched the cupboards, on top of the units, tried to pull the washing machine out to see if she was behind there, I cannot bloody well find her! Her children swore that they did not open the kitchen door. The backdoor was closed when she got home. She had put down some food and it is was untouched. She tried everything to encourage the cat to return such as putting down some favourite food. Nothing happened. No cat."
She remarked:
"My children have sworn they didn't open the door (it's an awkward handle which the youngest can't open anyway so couldn't have been her) but what if she wasn't shut in the kitchen and escaped through the front door while we were unloading the car?!"
"What the hell do I do if I have lost my sisters cat!? Please tell me some cats are just really good at hiding and being very, very quiet? I'm panicking, my sister will never forgive me if anything has happened to her!"
She tried to remove the kickboards (skirting board under the cabinets) but couldn't remove them. Her husband returned and helped her move the washing machine as there was a gap down the side of it. Guess where the cat was? Behind the kitchen skirting boards. How she got there is unexplained but cats can wriggle through some incredibly small spaces when they really need to as in when they are frightened. Cats can get lost inside your home. They are great hiders. 

 She said:
"My god she is being the kickboards? thank God!! Trying to entice her out with ham, she is so shy and likes to be left to her own devices!"
The moral is that you have to count to ten and keep looking in the most inaccessible places. That's where she'll probably be.


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