Kitten at work sleeps with a 'head press'

Kitten at work, sleeps with a 'head press'
Kitten at work, sleeps with a 'head press'. Screenshot.

Yes, this cute tabby kitten is head pressing while sleeping but this is not because they have a headache as can be the case with head pressing. It is a known feline behavior when they have headaches. Humans do it too. It alleviates the pain.

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But in this instance, it is just that they've ended up sleeping in a slightly odd position which we see a lot of on the internet. 

What humans think of as comfortable sleeping arrangements do not apply to cats all the time. But I love to see cats at work. 

This looks a genuine work place and not home working. If I am correct this is an enlightened business. There is a gradual awakening to the possibility of allowing cats at workplaces. 

The only difficulty is that someone has to take change of the toilet arrangements. They have to be thought through before the boss gives the green light. 

Dogs are easier in this regard. You just take them out for a walk and take a poop bag with you. In the workplace where do you put the litter tray? 

I guess in the toilets which means taking your cat there which also means that you have to know when you cat wants to use the toilet. If you have a litter tray in the office itself that' going to result in some objections I'd have thought. 

Perhaps the kitten is in the office for a few hours only. That would be a solution.


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