Couple bought a house that came with 16 semi-feral cats and they decided to become their parents

2 of the cats snuggle up in their new cat house. Photo: Instagram screenshot.

This is a wow story. I love the way this young couple decided to embrace the fact that they had 16 semi-feral cats living in the ground of the home that they'd recently bought. It looks like quite a large plot of land with outbuildings and it appears that the previous owners had allowed a couple of cats to procreate because as you can see, they are all medium-longhaired ginger cats. Well, nearly all of them. I have to say the property is ideal really to care for 16 semi-feral cats with lots of grounds and buildings.

The first thing that this couple did was to sterilise them! And then they set about improving their lives tremendously. It is an act of giving and loving. They didn't have to do this but they took it on and in giving love they have received it and both of them now cannot envisage a life without them.

I love the cat house. So thoughtfully put together and very cosy. Just what the cats needed. They clearly enjoy it. It seems that they are nearly all siblings. They get along really well.


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