Why do some cats like to get into glass jars?

Why do some cats like to get into glass jars?
Why do some cats like to get into glass jars? For the reasons stated on this page. Image: Screenshot.

There can only be 2 overlapping and viable reasons why domestic cats sometimes like to wriggle their way into relatively small glass jars and vases. You see this a lot on the Internet in funny cat videos. The two reasons are (1) they can do it because they are incredibly flexible and athletic and it is a form of self-entertainment and (2) domestic cats do like to crawl into small spaces as they feel more secure. This statement is borne out by the fact that we have seen cats sitting in a circle marked out on the floor with tape or chalk. To the cats this is a solid, secure encampment protected by an invisible wall. But it's just thin air.

The video below may not play unless you click the center play button first followed by the bottom-left button or clicking the center button twice 😎. It is a high-tech Google Blogger website.

And we see the same thing in the classic 'cat jumping into small box' behaviour. We see this an awful lot and sometimes the boxes are much too small to get into but they still perch themselves as best they can half inside and half outside the box.

This is classic domestic cat behaviour and I think it belies a slight background of insecurity in domestic cats which can come to the surface from time to time. And this insecurity comes about because they are living in the human world and at heart they are a North African wildcat. It doesn't take much for that North African wildcat character to come to the surface.

Some experts say that the domestic cat is not truly domesticated which is the case with dogs. Dogs are been domesticated for at least twice as long as cats probably three times. I would expect domestic cats to feel more secure in about 10,000 years!

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