Video of a woman befriending a pretty stray cat

Beautiful stray cat is befriended and rehomed
Beautiful stray cat is befriended and rehomed.

This is a TikTok video of a nice woman who befriends a pretty stray cat. This cat is not feral. She behaves like a domestic cat who has become a stray. She needs a home and the video maker wants to give her a home so there is no obstacle in attaining that objective. I'd expect her to be with this woman as I write this.
Comment by a viewer of the video on TikTok:
"We can all already see how much you love her. Once she’s comfortable, she’ll be so happy with you".
To which the creator of the video replied:
"I love her so much! Thank you for this sweet comment."
My comment: I can see why! She is gorgeous.

Here is the video. You may have to click on the play button twice to get it to play! You will note that the commentary in the video is by a wooden-voiced man. This is a commentary provided by TikTok. The app reads the words provided by the video maker and I guess you can choose the type of voice that pleases you the most. Wooden was the choice 😉.

She has done well in feeding and importantly playing with the cat. Playing with a nervous cat is a great was to release their fear as they are in close contact and cats can't resist playing as it is instinctive.


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