Stray animals boost morale on Ukraine’s front lines as Russian troops invade


There is a big question mark over whether Putin is mad, super-intelligent or somewhere in between. Anyway, he has sent the troops into Ukraine to take over the country; to annex the country to Russia because he thinks that Ukraine should be part of Russia. 

I believe that he has had aspirations to include Ukraine as part of Russia for a very long time. That is why I believe all the diplomacy and negotiations which have taken place over the past few months have been a complete waste of time.

His mind was set and there was no turning back. In fact, it was impossible for Putin to turn back once he was on that path. To turn back would be losing face. It would be a sign of defeat before he had even started. 

There has been a lot of discussion in The Times newspaper about whether he is genuinely slightly mad at least. He has been isolated for quite a long time partly because of Covid. In addition, he has a small group of advisers around him some of them going back to his KGB days. These are yes-men. And they have very distorted views of the West. One of his advisers believes that the West is so decadent they encourage people to have sex with animals. 

It's a completely mad group it seems to me. And Putin has developed some really distorted ideas about the West which may explain why he has called the citizens of Ukraine neo-Nazis or even plain Nazis. Ironic when he is the bloody Nazi 🤢. He sees Ukraine as a threat to Russia because Ukraine is a democracy whereas Russia is a kleptocracy.

And of course, he's created these pretexts to invade the country. He has called it a peacekeeping force because he has engineered some antagonistic behaviour in the eastern statelets in which there are many Russians living side by side with Ukrainians. 

He annexed these areas of Ukraine already about seven years ago and is using them as a platform to further take over the country while also bringing troops down from Belarus as he is very friendly with the President of Belarus.

And I believe he is sending in troops from below, from the Black Sea. Of course, the West is impotent. They've threatened sanctions but the oligarchs have simply stated that they are used to sanctions and they don't mind. And there is no chance at all that the West will send troops to defend Ukraine. Putin knows that he will be able to succeed but will he truly succeed?

The citizens of Ukraine have clearly stated that they will fight. There will be a resistance, potentially, for years to come. This will create a very hostile environment for the animals of that country which concerns me.

Video screenshot.

Cats and dogs were abandoned seven years ago when Putin annexed the eastern area. And a predicted 5 million people will be on the march to get out of the way of the Russian troops. Perhaps they will migrate towards the west of this very large country to be in a safer area. Perhaps some of them might emigrate from the country to Europe. It may cause another great wave of immigrants into the European Union.

But these 5 million people may abandon their pets. Some will bring their pets with them but many won't. There may be millions of abandoned cats and dogs in Ukraine. 

In the meantime, the stray cats and dogs of Ukraine are providing comfort to some troops in the trenches in the North on the border where they are defending the country from the invading Russian army. The video on this page provides a snapshot as to the relationship between Ukraine's troops and stray cats and dogs who've come together in their hour of need.


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