Near-adult domestic cat likes to suckle from a bottle

It's a cute little Twitter video but is it a good idea to allow a near-adult domestic cat companion suckle from a bottle like this? I mean it looks nice in many ways; it looks like this cat is a human baby with the presence of mind to hang onto a bottle of milk and drink from it as if they are suckling at their mother's breast. 

But does it not perpetuate the thought in the mind of this cat that they are a kitten and might it not be a good idea to allow the cat to grow up and become more independent? 

The truth is, as stated by Dr Desmond Morris, that human cat caregivers keep their companions in a near permanent state of kittenhood due to the relationship. It is an automatic byproduct of cat domestication.

Near-adult cat likes to suckle from a hand held bottle
Near-adult cat likes to suckle from a 'hand-held' bottle. Screenshot.

The person who has tweeted the video is a colleague of mine who is on a mission to try and stop cat declawing in the USA. I have tried myself through hundreds of posts. I won't go on but declawing is obnoxious. It is barbaric and it must end one day, God willing. It constantly surprises me that American citizens do not fight against it or simply stop doing it. They are willing customers of veterinarians who are in breach of their oath. It's an unholy combination of evil veterinarian and compliant customer. Yes, "evil" is a strong word. I believe it is true in this instance.

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Please note that this is a video from Twitter as mentioned and therefore I don't control its presence. Sometimes they stop working or are deleted. If that has happened you won't see the video. In which case I apologise.


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