Talented Japanese artist makes hyper-realistic 3D cat portraits from felt

Kanagawa, Japan: Japanese artist, Sachi, is incredibly skilled, patient and precise. She makes cat heads from felt and glass eyes. She is particularly precise about the eyes because she feels that the soul of the cat is projected through the eyes. That's my interpretation. 

I think what she means is that if the eyes look really realistic it brings the cat alive. They give the cat a soul which allows your imagination to believe that it is a real cat. And they do look incredibly realistic.

Hyper-realistic 3D cat portraits made from felt with glass eyes
Hyper-realistic 3D cat portraits made from felt with glass eyes. Screenshot.

They are described as hyper-realistic 3D cat portraits. The preparation of the iris and pupil is very precise. The coloration and the texture are perfect. And the hairs that come out of the ear flaps look super-realistic as well.

She said:

"I think that the moment when the cat's spirit enters into the artwork can be presented through the eyes. In that sense, I have been very particular about how to make the eyes."

She takes up to a month to complete one cat portrait. One person wanted to adopt her tortoiseshell cat. This pleased her tremendously because she had reached someone's heart, to use her words.

She now hopes to hold an exhibition on "shelter cats" to encourage people to adopt cats in rescue centres.

Here is a video:


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