Sibling tabby cats being rehomed after almost 20 years together

NEWS AND COMMENT-WEST MIDLANDS, UK: This is an unusual story in one respect: brother and sister tabby cats who are approaching 20-years-of age, have been together all their lives. Now, regrettably, they have to be rehomed together by the RSPCA. They are currently being cared for at the Broomhall branch because their owner was no longer able to provide the requisite caregiving.

Bernard and Barbara, sibling tabby cats, who've been together their entire lives of nearly 20 years
Bernard and Barbara, sibling tabby cats, who've been together their entire lives of nearly 20 years. Photo: RSPCA.

It is unusual for feline siblings to remain together all their lives as close companions. Their names are Bernard and Barbara. They are being cared for by the RSPCA in Worcester, Worcestershire, UK. In human terms they are about the age of 92. They are in good shape despite their age and have been recently health checked. No health concerns were identified apparently.

Obviously, the siblings are upset because they had a very quiet and predictable life together for a very long time and are now uprooted because of circumstance and staying at the RSPCA which must be stressful for them. They spend their time hiding away in their carrier and snuggling up together. This is entirely predictable.

The charity has issued a special appeal for anyone to adopt this devoted pair of tabby cats. They will obviously need the right sort of home. They're not used to having children around therefore, ideally, they should be rehomed in a relatively calm environment where only adult humans live. It is said that they may be able to live with another older cat or dog.

I'm sure that the right person is out there and who would be more than pleased to look after them for the remainder of their long lives.

Summary: Siblings tabby cats sister and brother have spent their entire almost 20 year lives together at one home and now need to be rehomed by the RSPCA.


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