Cat meowing (audio file). Make sure your cat is okay with this!

This audio track comes from the Spotify website. I visited it to check out the Joe Rogan podcast which is currently in the news. I then searched for some cat sounds and came up with these meows. The interesting thing about these meows is that my cat immediately woke up (he was on my legs) and went over to the speaker for my laptop computer to inspect it. He knew the sound was coming out of the speaker but couldn't figure out why there was no cat there. So, if you play this track with your cat around, I think you should expect a reaction. It may be an unpredictable reaction. It may even be a reaction which your cat doesn't like and neither do you as your cat might feel that there is a stranger cat on their territory.

The feline meow
The feline meow. Normally a request for something. The meow varies greatly and is often modified and individualised and customised. Pic in the public domain.


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