About Jones the ginger tabby ship's cat who Ripley befriended in the Alien film

Some people want to know a bit more about "Jones" a.k.a. Jonesy, from the from the film Alien. In fact, four ginger tabby cats played Jones. The fandom.com website says that one individual was used for holding, one for hissing one for scampering and another for something else 😊. It is normal and commonplace for more than one individual animal to play the same character in a film. Ginger tabbies are nearly always male as the coat type is sex-linked.

Jonesy and Ripley
Jonesy and Ripley. Image in public domain.

As mentioned, Jonesy is a male ginger tabby cat. They are sometimes referred to as orange tabby cats or red tabby cats. They tend to have nice, steady characters. Perhaps this is why a ginger tabby was chosen for this role. They are a popular cat type.

Jonesy and Ripley
Jonesy and Ripley. Screenshot.

Jonesy was a ship's cat on the mining carrier spaceship Nostromo.

Ripley, as you may remember is played by Sigourney Weaver. When they finally escape the USCSS Nostromo after the alien has wiped out the entire crew except for Ripley and Jonesy, I have this image of them in the escape spacecraft, Marion, going into hyper-sleep for 57 years. Ripley puts herself into the hyper-sleep capsule and takes Jonesy with her.

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Jonesy survived the alien because it wasn't interested in him whereas Ripley used all her guile and courage to fend off the alien and kill it. After 57 years in hyper-sleep a deep space salvage crew picked them up and took them to Gateway Station. 

Pets were not allowed on the station but they made an exception for Jonesy. Ripley was stripped of her flight status and they subsequently moved to an apartment on earth. Eventually Ripley agreed go back into space to tackle the aliens. Jonesy stayed on planet Earth.

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