Scotsman's round the world bike trip is improved when he rescues a dumped tabby kitten

The video is self-explanatory. It is a excellent story. Kitten, Nala, changes Dean's life on round the world bike ride. There are a few videos of a similar type on YouTube. I like this one. Dean's round the world bike trip was improved when little Nala came up to him. It looks as though it happened in a dry country perhaps the Middle East somewhere although we are not told. 

Kitten changes Dean's life on round the world bike ride
Kitten changes Dean's life on round the world bike ride. Screenshot.

It is nice that Nala had the courage to approach him. Desperation, I guess, drove her to find a human caregiver. It is interesting; it confirms that domestic cats are made to live with a human. That's their destiny and when they are without they seek out a caregiver. 

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Nala was domesticated as she fitted in to Dean's life immediately. She'd been dumped as he said. Terribly cruel behaviour. He wanted to find her a home and carry on with his bike ride but he became her home and what a home 😃 . Ever on the move. She adapted instantly and beautifully to it. Dean has a heart. He found that out when he had to take her with him.

Nala is a complete darling. She climbed onto his shoulders while cycling. It appears to have come to her naturally. No fear. She looks entirely relaxed and at home. She found her man. And he found a feline companion who brightened up his life and added immeasurably to his video record of his round the world trip. I hope like others that when their very long bike ride is over they settle down to normal living in a building! Although somehow I doubt that they will. But they'll stay together. The bond is enormous.


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