You'll love this chonky, jowly ginger tom street cat

He is described as the "Huge Stray Cat Got into a Shelter and Suddenly Talked to People". We do not know how 'Clanksy' got into the shelter. They don't say that he was brought into the shelter but that he got into it which implies that he walked into it of his own accord. But what the shelter staff love about him, and the same applies to me, is that he has this beat up male tomcat appearance with huge cheeks because he was not neutered combined with a sweet voice and the desire to be a friend. This ginger tomcat has a beautiful personality.

The video has been deleted at source! Typical. But here is a montage of the fella:

You'll love this chonky, jowly ginger tom street cat
You'll love this chonky, jowly ginger tom street cat. Image: Pinterest. The word 'chonky' is not a typo 😉.

It is a strange personality really because as a stray cat he should be more fearful of people but clearly he is not. He likes people. He wants to talk to them in his sweet voice. It's almost certain that he was fed from time to time by people and became socialised towards people. But his face has scratches because he has been in some fights. Although he doesn't look that beat up compared to some street cats that I have seen.

I think he wanted to be domesticated. He wants, in the video to live with somebody and that is exactly what happened because a nice lady adopted him and I'm envious of her because she adopted a really great cat. Ginger tom cats are sort of known to have nice personalities. I don't know whether you can equate coat type and colour with personality but that seems to be the case sometimes.

Another interesting aspect about the video is that, as mentioned, he has these jowls which are typical male features when the cat has not been sterilised. The question I have is whether he was then sterilised at the shelter which should have happened, I guess. It is not automatically the case. If he was sterilised, I wonder whether the jowls disappeared! 

I love those jowls because they signify a whole male. Although I'm totally for sterilising male and female cats for obvious reasons, I do find it rather sad that male cats lose their masculine appearance.

If this cat did walk in from the street, it may be because he's about seven years of age in the video and he got tired of living on the street. He came in from the harsh outside world where he had to survive to the cosier and protected world of humans. 

It may have been the case that he was a domestic cat who wanted, initially, to live in the urban wild but then decided, seven years later, to return to protected living. Sometimes domestic cats disappear for no good reason other than they revert to their wild nature.


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