The significance of the ginger tabby cat in the film "Gone Girl"?

Is there any significance in the presence of a ginger tabby cat in the film Gone Girl? Apparently in real life the ginger tabby's name is Cheetoh. I watched the film last night for the second time (good idea as it is fairly complicated). I noticed that Cheetoh is a very calm cat; probably a professional cat actor. He's very placid which is exactly how you want them when they are acting!

In the trailer you see him at the end in a very short scene.

There might be some significance in having a ginger tabby cat in this film because he didn't have to be there. There are three major players in this film, the husband, the wife who goes missing, and the cat! Well, that's incorrect because the cat isn't a major player, the police are but the cat seems to be a thread going through the film. He's not there that often but it's quite noticeable.


Amy (Rosamund Pike) with the family's ginger tabby cat
Amy (Rosamund Pike) with the family's ginger tabby cat. From the film.

I think his presence might be symbolic of an animal who is non-judgemental while all around the central characters people are making judgements. The public make judgements about whether Nick killed his wife and is a bad person. His image is bad. They make judgements about his wife, Amy, who they perceive as being a deliciously, delightful, beautiful and smart person who can do no wrong. They are deceived. I guess there is a lesson there for all.

Ginger cat in the film Gone Girl whose real name is Cheetoh
Ginger cat in the film Gone Girl whose real name is Cheetoh. Screenshot. Sorry for the poor quality.

Without wishing to spoil the film, Amy is a psychopath who you might describe as evil. But then Nick isn't whiter than white either. He is not a particularly good person. In fact, to be fair, you could describe him as immoral and bad. And they end up together at the end of the film despite everything that goes on between them in a quite dramatic fashion.

They are probably better off together because they are as bad as each other, almost. And above it all, is a non-judgemental cat with a character that people should aspire to. The ginger tabby cat quietly gets on with life while mayhem ensues around him.

P.S. The detective is asked to feed him. A dollop of dry cat food is chucked into a bowl. Not great.

P.P.S. Ginger tabbies are considered to have good personalities.


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