Kitten rescuer said: "A year later and he's doing great"

It is a picture which tells a thousand words. It's a good picture because we have this wheel against which rests a vulnerable tabby kitten turning towards an outstretched hand belonging to the rescuer who tells us that "A year later and he's doing great."

Kitten rescuer "A year later and he's doing great"
Kitten rescuer "A year later and he's doing great". Photo: Reddit uder:u/penny1605.

It is all there. We don't need any more information. And when you go onto the website you see a lot of this. You see a lot of what I can only describe as decent people who are sensitive to cats and their rescue when in need. There are so many cats like this and to be honest it is heartbreaking to know that as I write these words there are millions of kittens on the planet in this exact position waiting to be rescued but many will not.

Not enough people talk about the failure of cat domestication. It is a hard topic to confront because people associate the domestic cat with cuteness and funny cat videos. They want entertainment from the domestic cat and they get it. Everything surrounding the domestic cat is light, fluffy and pink and beautiful or its wild and wonderful but it is never a disaster which is the way you have to describe the life of an unwanted kitten in the urban jungle waiting to die of a grotesque bacterial infection of the eyes which blinds them, or starvation or a multitude of other diseases. Yes, it's black and horrible and I don't want to mention it but when I see this photograph of a thousand words, I also see that failure.


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