Kitten rescue is being exploited on YouTube

It is horrible to be perfectly frank. People are using the rescue of kittens to make money. Kittens are being exploited. Sometimes the rescue is genuine and sometimes the whole thing is scripted and set up. Either way it's an exploitation. 

In this non-descript video with no more than 3000 views, which is very bad by the standards of these people, this bloke goes around some abandoned buildings looking for a kitten to rescue. That is what it looks like. He is pulling back bricks and masonry to try and find an abandoned kitten. It's almost like looking for a cockroach or something. It is quite horrible.

Note: the still image which is used to promote the video looks very much set up to me. If I am correct, the video maker placed a kitten under a large tile and took the photo. Highly immoral behaviour and frankly cruel. In the UK he'd be prosecuted for animal cruelty under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Surprise, surprise!! YouTube admin have removed the video and a good thing too. Not before time. Sorry you can't see it. But that's probably a good thing too. It was clear exploitation. I may have been one of the first to expose this abuse.

I don't know whether he has put the kitten behind the tiles or whether he genuinely found the kitten there. You can't tell but it would not surprise me one bit if the whole video is scripted.

I have warned YouTube, as have others, of the exploitation of kittens and cats in these videos. It is remarkable to me that when these people ostensibly see a cat or kitten in trouble and in need of rescue, they immediately start filming the whole thing. Why don't they just rescue the animal and get on with it? This is why I believe these are often not genuine rescues.

You don't go wandering around the neighbourhood in a developing country looking for a kitten to rescue, do you? How long do you search? I don't think it's viable in terms of time and effort to do that. That's why they are set up. And even if they aren't it's an exploitation of an animal for monetary gain.

It would be far better if they simply rescued the animal. You don't have to film these things unless you want to make some advertising money from the enterprise. 

It would please me if YouTube were a bit more vigilant about these videos. Perhaps they find it hard to decide whether they are set up or not and I can understand that. I just hate to see exploitation of vulnerable creatures. It's just not right. The Internet and particular social media can influence the behaviour of people and it is a large number of people. There is a big responsibility on the shoulders of the owners of these social media websites to ensure that they disseminate material which does not harm society.


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