His rap name is 'Lil Chonk'

A cute looking, chonky cat to use modern parlance. In cat fancy language he is 'cobby'. He looks like an overweight, young, white British Shorthair. I am probably wrong. But he does look overweight though. Puppy fat? 

I am minded to think of the large number of young boys in the UK who are overweight. If a boy or girl is overweight it is likely that they'll retain their excess weight into adulthood which will cost them ill-health. Type 2 diabetes is on the cards. Chonky cats are cute in one way and seriously wrong in another. Weight issues in cats is a serious matter. 

Picture circulating on the internet in the public domain. Source: Pinterest.

Perhaps the fad of publishing pictures of fat cats on the internet has promoted fatness in cats. There is certainly a bit of carelessness in sizeable percentage of cat caregivers in keeping their cat's weight stable at the correct level. This is important and not difficult to achieve. The problem is that some owners have lost their bearings on what is the correct weight!


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