Helios's Pom-Poms. Owner shows off his cat's balls.

Helios is an unneutered male ginger tabby. These are popular cats with a reputation for having nice personalities. Not sure if there is a connection between coat and personality but that's the reputation. Ginger tabbies are also called red tabbies and yellow cats...enough.

Man shows off his cat's pom-poms. Screenshot.

Helios's Pom Poms
Helios's Pom Poms

The thing that I immediately picked up on in this video is that Helios looks as if he is 'whole', unfixed, not castrated because he has those typical chubby cheeks. And his owner makes a point of it saying that people love his chubby cheeks. I do too. I guess most of us do but you have to have pom-poms.

Sorry the video is not embedded. Why did this guy stop other sites showing the video? Click on the link below please.

Helios's owner also makes a big deal about his cat's testicles. He shows them off to the world. Unpleasant human behavior. I think this is undignified and disrespectful. Almost pornographic I'd say. It is like an upskirt porno video.

You're going to think, come on, he's only a cat. Yes, agreed but it is not a good look. It is not gentle and sensitive. In fact, I don't like the way he flicks his hands around Helios's head and handles him a little too roughly for me and for Helios. 

You can see that Helios gets a little riled by the fat man's handling. I am being tough on him. He has a popular YouTube channel so due credit to him; he's done well.

But why has he not neutered him tomcat? He should if he wants to be an entirely responsible cat caregiver. Perhaps he wants to breed from Helios? No idea. Or he wants to keep that chunky male appearance. I get that. He makes videos that are meant to be popular. Helios' popularity is partly to do with his male appearance.

The video has been seen a lot of times which surprises me a bit because it is not that great for the reasons stated.

The one thing that gets my goat about cat YouTube videos is the subtle or mild abuse of the cats to get viewers. This is an example as far as I am concerned.


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