David Tennant and a basket of kittens (video)

This is a video from what I believe is Series 3 of Doctor Who Confidential. It is not news as I am referring to Feb 2015! It is nice, though, to see David Tennant work with cats. He said that he is not big on cats but he appeared to have made a friend of one of the kittens. I don't think he likes cats much though. Shame. 

Here is a nice still image from the video which I have cleaned up: The kitten is a tortoiseshell-and-white (calico in US lingo).

David Tennant and a basket of kittens (video)
David Tennant and a basket of kittens (video). From the video.

I do love it when celebrity actors at least pretend that they like cats! It helps cat welfare in a small way. It promotes the idea that cats are sentient. There is a great barrier in human society to accepting that animals are sentient. This is because when you accept that they are (and they are) it stops humans abusing animals. 

David Tennant and a basket of kittens (video)
David Tennant and a basket of kittens (video)

Humans often abuse animals in the pursuit of financial profit. Animals get in the way of profit or humans make a direct monetary profit from animals. Either way there is abuse and if sentience is enshrined in law the entrepreneurs and men who are driven to achieve commercial success pushback. They don't want animal sentience to stand in the way of making money. They fear animal sentience will negatively interfere.

It is proof if we need it that the relationship between animals and humans is far from an ideal. It could be described as poor when taking into account all aspects of the relationship.


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