Anton finds an abandoned tiny kitten on a Russian Street

This is a video by a guy called Anton, as I understand it. He lives in the Russian city of Zheleznogorsk (Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia). It is a city with a population of about 85,000. Going east to west it is about in the centre of Russia and north of Mongolia. In the video he goes up to a tiny grey tabby kitten. How did the kitten get there? What is the backstory? We don't know but the kitten was abandoned. Was he or she abandoned by a person or the feline mother? Too many questions and no answers.

Anton is gentle and thank God he turned up to save the life of this kitten. I would think that he or she would not live long on the streets of this city. Enjoy the video. It's a good one because it is kind and gentle. The standout feature is that we have a man working alone saving kittens and cats on his own. But for YouTube nobody would know about him except some neighbours and local people.

And thanks to YouTube he's done very well. He has turned something good into something financially profitable. He has 1.58 million subscribers which you would have to call a major success. Well-done to Anton. I don't know why he calls his YouTube channel Robin Seplut. Not a clue, but I got his name from his website so I think his name is correct. Perhaps he simply made up the name?

It is the first time I have seen this channel. Remarkably, some of his YouTube videos have received up to 59 million views; a major success. It is nice to make a success on YouTube out of a success on the streets of a Russian city in rescuing cats. It's a nice outcome.

I believe that he is a genuine cat rescuer and not someone who is exploiting kitten rescue to make money. There are people who place cats and kittens in precarious situations and video their rescue. It is all scripted. I don't believe (and hope) Anton does this.

His words:

Dear friends! My name is Anton to me 35 years old, I live in Russia city Zheleznogorsk! Every day I feed street cats! Thank you for watching my videos!



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