50m views for video of cats and dominos

The video deserves 50 million views as it must have taken an age to set up and create. They trained the cats to play their part. I think it was made in sections over a period of days or even weeks. You need a real commitment to do this because you don't know if you'll be rewarded. If it takes 20 hours of work to create it, you can only justify that input of time and effort if you can get something out of it which means success! Success is measured in the number of views and also the amount of money you make in advertising revenue. This gamble worked out and well-done to the creator.

When you see their YouTube channel you can see that they have found a successful cat video formula. That means that they are not taking a risk on whether this cats and dominos video would be successful. They know it will be successful. It is about the degree of success.

One of the big issues of doing work for the internet either in writing articles or making videos: is the effort worth it? There has to be something at the end of the work otherwise you are more or less wasting your time.

One journalist, Emily Schroeder, from Yahoo! Life says that the video is one the most soothing that she has seen. I am not sure that it is soothing. It is interesting for the precision and effort. They've clearly learned how to train cats. And I suspect that this couple of cats have got used to being involved in video creation. It is good for them. Plenty of mental stimulation. Nice job. Very impressed.

The brown tabby is Bururu and the white-and-black is Beruru.


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