Idlib sanctuary offers cats refuge from war in Syria

I guess the Syrian war is over but the devestation is immense not only for people but for companion animals as well and the infastructure. I have always felt that we need to write more about the cats and dogs (and other animals) in these war zones. 

The news media always focuses on humans, quite naturally, but behind that front there are tens of thousands of companion animals and stray cats and dogs who are suffering tremendously. We need to mention them. We need to recognise their existence. This sanctuary does just that. 

And apparently there are 1000 cats at it. It's a remarkable effort. They need to be recognised and praised which is the purpose of this short article. The video explains it all and therefore I won't go over it in words. But let's remember the animals of war. They are utterly forgotten. If they are not killed outright they starve to death but in Syria there are some people who think about them and care for them.

Idlib sanctuary offers cats refuge from war in Syria
Idlib sanctuary offers cats refuge from war in Syria. Screenshot.

Click this link to read another story about a man who looks after the cats of Syria.


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