F1 Savannah cat gently playing with a large dog friend (video)

Both the first filial Savannah cat and the large dog in this video are playing very gently with each other. They clearly like each other a lot. It is heartwarming to see cat and dog being best friends like this. 

F1 Savannah cat gently playing with a large dog friend (video)
F1 Savannah cat gently playing with a large dog friend (video). Screenshot.

It is particularly nice when such an intelligent and energetic cat such as a first filial Savannah cat play so gently like this with an animal of another species. It is not, however, surprising to see them get along because no doubt at this breeder's facility, there are lots of cats, there are people and there may be more than one dog. All this goes to excellent socialisation of the cats. They learn to be around dogs and people and accept them and not be fearful of them. 

This should result in this first filial Savannah cat being a very good companion albeit a cat that is perhaps a little more active than typical, that eats more than normal and is that requires a little more input, at the least, than your normal random bread domestic cat companion. 

If you like interspecies friendships please click here to see a lot of them. A cat is always one of the couple. We should remind ourselves that the two best known interspecies relationships are humans and cats and humans and dogs. But you'll find dogs and crows and horses and cats (a lot) as two examples.

Enjoy the cat and enjoy the video and if you want to adopt an exotic cat like this just think things through before you do. I am not saying that it is not a good idea. I am simply saying that you should telephone the breeder and asked some questions and make sure that you are in an excellent position to take care of the cat to the highest standards in the interest of the cat's welfare and your sanity.

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