What does Cats Protection do?

Journey - Cats Protection from Persistent Peril on Vimeo.

Cats Protection is a cat rescue charity entirely run by foster volunteers (on the ground) and it is the leading feline welfare charity in the UK. Their objective is not only to rescue cats and find them new homes but also to support and encourage the neutering of cats and to improve people's understanding of domestic cats in their care.

Cats Protection staff
Cats Protection staff. Photo: Cats Protection

The organisation does not euthanise healthy cats. Euthanising healthy cats is actually killing cats because the word "euthanasia" only refers to ending the life of cats who are dying of a chronic illness or an injury but it does not apply to healthy cats.

It is a massive network of volunteers and the amount of rescuing they do is awesome. There are many branches throughout the country. To give a feel for the scale of the charity, in 2017 I'm told that 43,000 cats were rehomed and 153,000 were spayed or neutered.  In all the organisation helps about 200,000 cats annually.

The Cats Protection network has, as I understand it, 36 centres and 250+ volunteer-run branches. There are also 121 shops and about 10,200 volunteers and staff located throughout the UK. In 2017 the charity's income was GBP62.9 million.

Cats Protection provides a discount spay and neuter service as I understand it. 


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