Synchronized cats drinking from a faucet (video)

This cute little video proves that cats like flowing, cool water to drink (see at base of page). It is the reason why water fountains are popular. I think water fountains are less useful that taps (faucets) because water fountains need maintenance while taps don't in terms of a build up of algae or some other crappy substance.

Synchronised cat drinking from a faucet (video)
Synchronised cat drinking from a faucet (video).

This is a brown tabby-and-white below a ginger tabby who are both feverishly drinking from the tap. There are many videos of cats doing this. It is the first that I have seen where two cats share the experience.

We should remember, though, that not all domestic cats are quite so obsessed with flowing water. Although it is to be expected as it follows what the wild cats do when drinking from streams. 

It is said that cats can pick up the sterilising chemicals in human tap water such as chlorine or chloramine. The sterilising of tap water must vary from state to state in the USA. The method of sterilisation is probably different in the UK. However cats don't really like the taste or smell of it so they can prefer to drink from muddy puddles outside which can bemuse their owners.

It is the acute sense of smell of cats which can deter them from human drinking water. And you can add to that the domestic cat's lack of interest compared to humans in drinking. This is also a legacy from their wild cat ancestor which lives in the arid, semi-desert of North Africa and the area of the Fertile Crescent which encompasses Syria.

Note: remember these sorts of videos sometimes stop working. If that has happened: sorry.


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