Pretty cat has pretty voice to match

This pretty cat has a deep, rich and pretty meow. If she was a human she'd have a singing voice I guess. The meow varies a lot between individual cats to the point where it no longer sounds like a meow. I think this is the best meow I've heard. She's looks purebred too. She looks like a young traditional Persian. She's asking for food which is the classic use of the meow. It is said that domestic cats developed the meow to ask their humans for something; a request, close call, feline vocalisation.

Pretty cat has a pretty voice to match
Pretty cat has a pretty voice to match. Screenshot.


Cat 🐱 ASMR...😍 How cute am I on a scale of 1-10? ##catsoftiktok ##cats ##catvideo

♬ original sound - Cats 🐱😍


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