Kitten is aggressively possessive over his pink pig

This little fella loves his pink pig. He becomes very aggressively possessive when his human guardian delicately tries to take it from him. I can understand. I guess he regards his human 'owner' as another cat who is trying to take it from him. It is his plaything. It brings him pleasure and as such he refuses to give it up. This sort of possessiveness occurs often with food bowls.

You'll see cats arguing over access to food in multi-cat homes. These are circumstances under which bullying cats can dominant the more timid cats in the home. In fact you'll see cats arguing with the owner if they like the food in a bowl and the owner wants to move it. They think the owner is taking the food from them and hiss and growl. It is not a good experience for the owner who loves her cat and is doing the best they can for her feline friend.

Kitten is aggressively possessive over his pink pig
Kitten is aggressively possessive over his pink pig. Screenshot

Another source of dispute in multi-cat homes is access to the litter tray. In fact disputes like this can occur over any mutually available product or access.

It looks human in character. It isn't just humans who are obsessed about possessions.


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