Cat turned off by laser pointer as he can't kill it (video)

Not all domestic cats are stimulated to play with a laser pointer but nearly all of them are. It is entirely instinctive as it is in their DNA to chase fast moving objects. I think in this video the tabby cat has been turned off by the game. He's failed to catch the laser point and after a while decided that there is no reward so he stopped. 

This is a weakness in the laser pointer. It is an unfair cat toy. Some people claim that they are cruel. I would not go that far. The best cat toys, the ones a cat will not get bored of, are those that they can catch and destroy! Yes, they won't get bored but they'll kill it.

The next best cat toy are those made by the cat's guardian: homemade cat toys which are very simple like a piece of string or a ball of scrunched up paper. Watch out for small pieces of string though as they can end up being wrapped around the tongue of cats or stuck in their gullet. And you might not see it until your cat behaves strangely. I might be too late by then.

Kitten with laser pointer light point
Kitten with laser pointer light point. This is not the cat in the video. Photo in public domain.

By 'string' I mean the owner holds it and drags it around for their cat to chase. Simplicity is the best. Also, there is an environmental issue with commercially manufactured toys made of plastic and most are plastic it seems to me.

They are thrown away into landfill. You know what I mean: 1000 years later they've disintegrated. In the meantime more planet pollution. And do chemicals leach out of the plastic into water courses? Homemade is best and laser pointers have a limited appeal. 


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