2 F1 Savannah kittens (females) - video

 The video is from the Instagram page of F1Savannahs who appear to have facilities in Los Angeles, California and Miami, Florida. They breed amazing quality, in terms of appearance (and it seems health), high filial Savannah and Bengal cats. They say a couple of interesting things on their website.

2 F1 Savannah kittens (females) - video
2 F1 Savannah kittens (females) - video. Screenshot

The first is that they don't spay or neuter prematurely which for them means before 6 months old. They say that you should be "careful of any breeder selling you a kitten neutered before 6 months". They don't explain why. My research indicates that early castration affects growth (makes them taller due to delayed bone growth) and the inability to 'extrude the penis'. I know that is rude but I think it is scientifically established to be true.

It seems that if neutering is before 6 or 7 months it can affect growth and bone structure. At or beyond 7 months the cat is mature enough.

If a cat is neutered before 6 months of age 'or more specifically before the development of secondary sexual characteristics, his penis may remain small'.

The last quote comes from Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook. The first quote is from the F1Savannahs website.

However, one veterinarian Mar Vista, in Los Angeles, California, USA, explore the potential issues of neutering before six months of age and early and they say that a 2002 study carried out by Cornell University following 1600 cats for 11 years found no differences in terms of health with kittens neutered between the ages of 3.5 months and six months vs those that were neutered after the age of six months. This is why, I presume, veterinarians across America recommend and carry out the early neutering of male cats.

The same appears to be the case with female spaying.


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