Musician, photographer had to rescue this kitten but then he had to give him up

Well, this is a happy/sad story. This young man, a photographer and musician, was out shopping and he saw a grey kitten under his car who was desperately in need of company, feeding and security. He tried to discover who owned the kitten but nobody did. 

He took the kitten home and the little fella settled in beautifully and very quickly. It was perfect for him. Even his dog got on so well with the kitten and vice versa. It was a shoe-in for an adoption by him! But he couldn't do it because he travelled too much. He had to find somebody else to look after the kitten for the rest of the kitten's life and he succeeded because a friend of his fell in love with this little grey fella. 

In effect he became a foster carer and perhaps that is what he had in mind at the beginning. He had no intention of adopting the cat so he was doing a cat rescue, no more. That is a very altruistic thing to do because there is no long-term reward for him. There is the reward of helping a vulnerable animal but at the end of the day he did not end up living with a companion cat.

I hope that the home of the person who adopted him is as good as this guy's. It was a match made in heaven but sadly it was not to be. The great point about the little story is that he did it; he did the rescue and went through all the hoops and hurdles that were was required such as seeing a veterinarian to scan for a microchip. 

There was some work to do and he did committed. Well done to him. It is another rather shocking, in some ways, example of a kitten wandering around a place where a kitten should not be wandering around. Why was the kitten in a dangerous car park at a shopping centre? It makes you think that somebody dumped the kitten from their car window. I would almost bet my bottom dollar that that is what happened.


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