Enchanting relationship between foster dad and ginger tabby kitten


When a ginger kitten loves his foster dad it can create a problem for the foster dad! People who are foster carers to rescue cats are doing a job and that job is to look after a cat or kitten until they find a new permanent home. If they become that new permanent home their foster caring days are normally over. Perhaps their days as foster carers are not necessarily over but I think you'll find that some or perhaps all rescue organisations insist that their foster cats are kept separate from the resident cat. Cats Protection, the biggest cat rescue organisation in the UK based upon foster caring insist that their cats are kept in a special enclosure which they provide. You can't let your cat mixed with the foster cats. This must be for health reasons.

In any case, I was a foster carer at one time and I raised this tiny seven week old kitten who was born feral and the circumstances were such that I was bound to become bonded to him which I did. It was impossible for me to not adopt him which ended my foster caring days. I had fostered one cat before him who was rehomed with a woman but I learned that she gave him back to the rescue organisation after quite a short time. I'm not sure what happened. I think that she was not experienced enough and her expectations were misplaced slightly. I'm actually not sure how a person can be a foster carer because it is so easy to become bonded to the cats you are fostering. It is so hard to give them up especially if you raise them as kittens from a feral cat as I did and you socialise them. The whole process is certain to create two title bond to allow you to give them up.


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