Classic kitten rescue by child and female cat


This is a bit of teamwork. The girl finds abandoned kittens in a disused outbuilding, in a box. She looks after them and does well because it is very easy to lose kittens to hypothermia and a whole pile of diseases. But then her female cat steps up to the plate and decides to nurse kittens she has never met before. This happens a lot as we know. It is nice to see what I consider to be teamwork taking place to rescue these highly vulnerable kitties. It would seem that the mother cat in this video was already lactating because under these circumstances mother cats readily adopt kittens who are not their own.

I have a page on an associated website which tells you how much formula milk kittens need. You can click on this link to read that page if you want to. Bottlefeeding satisfies the suckling urge of kittens but they have to be strong enough to do it. The kitten should be warm and you have to be sure to clean the anal area and the abdominal skin. Bedding should be changed often to prevent urine scalds.

Kitten mortality complex is a range of diseases and conditions which can kill a kitten. Some are predetermined to fail because of a combination of factors such as low birthweight and poor development. Kittens are the risk of neonatal illnesses during the first two weeks of their lives.


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