Bizarre kitten rescue made for YouTube

This kitten rescue looks like it took place somewhere in the Middle East or in Asia. It looks wrong to me. What I mean is that it looks as though it was made for YouTube to raise money through advertising. It may have even been set up from beginning to end but I don't want to sound too cynical. 

I also don't like the way the rescuer (the video maker) has to hold his smartphone with one hand and remove the sticky tape from the box with his left hand. This slows things down when the kitten needs rescuing as quickly as possible. This hints at the commercialisation of a kitten rescue. Commercialising kitten rescue compromises it. It makes it less effective. In fact I would not be surprised if the video maker put the kitten in the shoe box and sealed it with tape. Then he filmed the "rescue". Where he lives there'll be lots of unwanted street kittens, I'd bet on it.

And to let a kitten that has just been rescued run around a garden (it appears to be a walled garden) like this I think is reckless. The kitten could have become last or injured. The kitten was clearly terrified. You have to keep the kitten inside a warm room and then feed her. You would have to check for injuries and take the kitten to a veterinarian as soon as possible. It's almost certain the kitten has fleas so the kitten should be fully combed and the fleas eliminated (very carefully). There's lots to do but above all the kitten should be kept warm and fed and calmed down. This kiten needs to be reassured and reassured and reassured again because the terror on this kitten's face is very evident.

I am taking a cynical approach to YouTube videos because I have to. This smells of commercialism. There's too much dubious stuff going on in the animal rescue world on YouTube to believe in it. It's become highly commercialised because there's quite a lot of money in advertising on YouTube videos. I think the YouTube administrators should do something about this because it is ultimately an abuse of animals which is heavily ironic because it is meant to be about the saving of animals.


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