Are human moms as tolerant with the kids as cat moms?


This mother cat reminds me of human mothers in supermarkets. In supermarkets where you sometimes find mothers with three or four kids (and a fifth child in a pram), the mother appears to completely switch off. She becomes temporarily deaf and blind. Her kids run amok creating mayhem for others and irritating them while she carries on as normal. This is the way human mothers cope with noisy and boisterous kids. It's a switch off. 

It seems to me that the same mentality and approach occurs in domestic cats. Although my impression is that domestic cat mothers are, in general, better than human mothers and that what you see in the video is a genuine tolerance and acceptance of their kittens' behaviour. There are many stories of mother cats saving kittens from dire situations such as fires. They will go to the ends of the world to save their kittens and risk their lives in doing so. I can recall one such example in which a mother cat went into a fire to save her five kittens. She was burnt badly and died at a rescue centre. It was horrible and it was heroic. Yes, sometimes people do the same thing but my distinct impression is that cats are more inclined to do it than people.


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