Flickr is Better than Pinterest

Pinterest is a modern image based phenomenon that is founded upon copyright violations while Flickr is proper and decent and far better. Therefore Google should place Flickr above Pinterest. This is yet to happen but it will eventually as people come to learn that Pinterest is deeply flawed.

If I am being brutally honest, I feel that Google has failed in its search facility in respect of Pinterest as Google is indirectly supporting copyright violations while failing to properly support a website that is more respectful of intellectual property rights: Flickr.

Pinterest allows people to upload any picture - literally anything from any website irrespective of whether it is copyright protected or a creative commons image allowing unlimited publication or whether it is in the public domain. The problem is people don't understand the difference and Pinterest knows that.

Flickr is far more controlled and employs extensive protection for images while at the same time allowing people to grant a creative commons license, upfront (of varying types), which allows use of the pictures. It is sensible and the method respects copyright. In short, Flickr respects the concept of copyright.

Pinterest are very cynical in setting up a system like this. Many people complain to Pinterest that their protected images have been uploaded to Pinterest using their complaints form.

When that happens Pinterest's automated software - not people because it happens so often -  deletes the image provided the application is complete. Anyone who has embedded the image on their website, using Pinterest code, will discover that the image then disappears.

This substantial, and real risk, renders the embed code almost useless. It will take time for people to understand this but when they do there will be a slow descent in the popularity of Pinterest and once again Flickr will be in their rightful position.

Update: Flickr's Alexa ranking and visit numbers fell because of Pinterest. Flickr have responded by revamping their site, completely. It looks good but they did not have to do it because eventually they will get their customers back,  I predict.


Michael, Valley Girl here. I will have more to say about this anon, given flickr's recent colossal fuck-up.


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