Flickr Messed Up?

Sorry for the language (now deleted on reflection ;)) but Flickr's response to Pinterest displacing it as the number one photo website was to change the site and as far as I am concerned it is a failure.

Flickr did not have to make radical changes to the presentation of their site. It was very efficient the way it was.

Now it is more difficult to navigate and more importantly in runs more slowly because the thumbnails are much larger. It runs too slowly and feels cramped.

It took me about 10 minutes of fiddling around to work out how to delete an image. I wanted to change the header but had to upload an image to my photostream and use that and then delete the image from my photostream. It worked but...what a palaver. Perhaps there is an easier way but it wasn't obvious.

Then when I right click on an image the menu comes up and disappears. This must be a coding problem. My computer is top of the range and everything is up to date.

OK. Flickr, please don't panic and change things and if you do please make things better. You are better than Pinterest. You'll rein supreme again.

Update two days later: I am not the only one who thinks this. Take a lot at Irene Rx's Flickr homepage before she deletes the whole thing! She echos what I have said. I am a bit surprised because I thought I was alone but apparently not.

Come on Flickr, keep it simple and elegant and don't panic. It will not work. Flickr photographers are smart, contemplative people. We don't need big bang websites.


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